Ophelia’s LAB

Videostill lUSt work in progress in the frame of Ophelia’s LAB

What inherent disrupting power lays into the voice as “the body of words”? What is the nature and dynamics of the paradoxical relationship of attraction and repulsion (Kristeva’s “Abject”) between words and their medium, the resonating body? How does this relay the tension between symbols and sings that, according to Walter Benjamin, creates allegories? How does the traditional image of the “feminine“ fit within the characteristics of the voice as medium? And finally how does the artistic practice of the speech act relate to the dancing body? To healing? To participation/ Inclusion?

The voice in relationship to text becomes in this research the red threat to talk about artistic, theoretical and political practice. A crossed reading of Julia Kristeva’ s and Walter Benjamin’s theories on language frames the whole research: starting from the above questions I have made interviews, organised exchanges/workshops, dance-videos, shared online scores and a guided meditation. Each contribution has be then used as impulse for the research work of Callas&Dollars, a crossover ongoing project between theater/dance/music operating beyond the production based modus. The Ophelia’s LAB has been running from May 2021 until December 2021, organised and produced by Irene Accardo, supported by the collective space GARAGE Tanz e.V. Berlin, the DIS Tanz Solo Program and for its final part, from Mid October to December, also from the research fund for performing arts fo the city of Berlin (Arbeit und Recherche Stipendium).

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