Irene Accardo

She is an Italian Performer, choreographer, actress, art historian and art mediator based in Berlin. In her performances, videos and texts she explores storytelling as a political and artistic practice which affects the body in space and time, challenging the ideas of identity, gender, hierarchies and social roles. She journeyed from her formation in physical theater into dance and performance using acting skills and somatic dance, traditional voicing techniques and low skill writing practices to deepen her ontological quest. Lately she opened up her work to video art and more non theatrical interactive forms of performance art, such as expanded forms of storytelling, art and healing-inspired practices, as well as music improvisations, where the relationship between the artist and the addressee is at the center of the experience.

She is founding member of the collective space GARAGE Werkstatt für darstellende Künste e.V. and since March 2020 co – founder of the performance-music project Callas&Dollars.

Mother of a child since July 2018. If she would be an animal she would be a mother wolf.