Apollo 18

Our mission is to dive into the enthusiastic propulsion towards future and progress which accompanied the youth of our parents, seeking for a prophecy of today. Sound recording of random memories of the first space missions, music from entertainment culture and dance: we literally twist inside out from this material an allegory of a projected future that was hiding fears, apocalyptic threats and seeds of alienation. We are those who came after and those who still have to come; we are future and past in a quest for a body, a voice and ultimately a space to meet without loosing our connection to our own alien part: our loneliness.

Devised and performed by
Irene Accardo, Laurent Pellissier

Presented in 2015 at 100° Festival HAU Berlin, in Ackerstadtpalast Berlin and Time/Space Festival in Sophiensaele Berlin in 2016

Photo by Laurent Pellissier
Drawing by Laurent Pellissier
Drawing by Laurent Pellissier

Teaser Apollo 18

Apollo 18, 100° Festival HAU, Berlin 2015

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