A Room for Oneself

A modern ritual that promises nothing but a moment all for oneself.

First presented at the Gallery Cell63 in Neukölln

Then in Galerie Centrum, Berlin


The audience is offered the possibility to relax one at a time into a sound-bath. Four voice performers will gently place their hands on the receiver’s body and create an live vocal soundscape inspired by that person’s body.
While the sound-bath is a very personal experience to the one who receives it, the vocal landscape will be transmitted live into the whole gallery space where the other audience members can listen to it as well.

Performers: Irene Accardo, Heini Nukari, Maria Ferrara, Flóra Zsemlye, Julia Ketzmerick

Photos by: Aurora Nukari (First Photo), Helmer van der Heide.

Trailer A Room for Oneself in Cell36, Berlin, February 2016

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